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A good refresher of vital testing procedures.

David Gannon (09-10-2015)

Found the course easy to follow with no wasted time. All questions asked were answered quickly and explained in detail. Very friendly and good atmosphere.

Karl Harte (23-10-2015)

Well run course, plenty of guidance and examples prior to the exams. Test equipment was excellent and easy to use.

Stuart Gaffney (21-11-2016)

The instructor brought my understanding of test results up; everything explained well. Thanks.

Niamh Baker (1-12-2015)

This course is essential for electricians who test electrical installations. Found all very good, equipment and rigs.

Dominic Delaney (5-12-2015)

The course tutor was very well informed and had a good liaison with course participants. He also had a very good training manner which allowed me to relate well to the training course.

Thomas J Maher (18-12-2015)

The course was excellent and very informative, and will prove to be a huge benefit to qualified electricians.

Paul Healy (15-01-2016)

I would definitely recommend the 5 day training session to others willing to improve their knowledge.

Steven Collins (15-01-2016)

The instructor explained everything in detail, and there was no hassle to explain things twice if I was stuck. This course is a must have.

Peter Yeates (19/02/2016)

I found the course very informative and well run. I feel I am a lot more capable of completing tests now after completing the course.

Daniel McQuillan (19/02/2016)

The instructor is an excellent teacher. Patience of a Saint !

Kieran Doyle (26/02/2016)

This course gives you the proper tools and procedures on how to test.

Cormac Wall (13/03/2016)

Found the course to be extremely beneficial. It gave me a completely different perspective, and the importance of all the tests.

Louis David (23/03/2016)

Overall very interesting, and the trainer was very friendly and hard working. Would highly recommend it.

Michael Myler (27/04/2016)

Course material and notes a great benefit.

Gary Kenny (10/06/2016)

I have never tested before, and feel there is a hell of a lot to take in within time scale. Instructor was very informative.

Mark Fitzpatrick (10/06/2016)